It has just become available and has music from January 9 1934 to July 17, 1936

As in Volume 5, a substantial part of the new Ellington In Order are ARC session available also in the Mosaic box The Complete 1932-1940 Brunswick/Columbia/Master Recordings. Only the first fourteen tracks – January 9 and 10, April 12 and 17 , May 8 and 9  1934 – are RCA-Victor session which can be found in The Ellington Centenial box as well.

As usual, Ian Bradley has put together a discography for the new issue of Ellington In Order and it is available at  his blog Thank you to him for his impeccable job with every issue of Ellington In Order.

I will listen to Volume  on Spotify but with Volume 6 is out, I will buy 4, 5 och 6 as separate digital files for my Roon.

There might be reason to get back to Ellington In Order in a later article.

Author: Ulf Lundin

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