As said in the previous article, Ellington had been contracted by the French public radio and TV agency ORTF (Office de radiodiffusion-télévision française) to make two programs during his visit to France at the end of June and beginning of July 1970.

The first of them was Ellington sitting alone at the piano in the ORTF studio on July 2 to demonstrate his talents as a piano player. During the 40 minutes concert, Ellington went from Fleurette Africaine, Carolina Shout and Take The “A” Train  to Paris Blues, Come Sunday and Lotus Blossom. It was a selection with many tributes and reminiscences. Even if there were just a few people in the studio besides himself, Ellington could not leave out the Finger Snapping routine.

As far as I understand, ORTF never broadcasted the concert recorded 0n July 2, 1970. However, ABC-TV in Australia included it in a “jazz weekend” in the 1980’s with films with famous jazz artists. I have also seen a claim that it was telecasted in August 1973 but I have not found anything about it in TDWAW.

Author: Ulf Lundin

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