The 5th and 6th Ellington programs broadcasted by the Danish Radio in the mid 1980s are part of the “Goodies of the Month” offer for July-August.

The 5th program was broadcasted on December 30, 1984 and the 6th one week later on January 4, 1985. Both were presented by Bjarne Busk.

Program 5 focus on the Queen’s Suite and include the recordings made in February and April 1959, which were first issued on the Pablo label. The two interviews in the program have not been issued on LP or CD.

In program 6, a lot of music not issued on LP or CD so far was played. There are among other things a substantial segment from the January 3, 1956 stockpile recording session and two selections from the February 8, 1966 telecast from Circus in Stockholm. New York, New York was recorded on August 2, 1972 and is different from the one issued on Storyville 101- 8402, which was recorded on September 5, 1972.

A document with the discographical information for the programs (and others in the series) is available.Corrections are most welcome.

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