Program 45 was broadcasted on April 29, 1991 and was produced and presented by Bjarne Busk.

It is the the first “goodie” this month and is available in the ”Goodies” section of the website.

The program starts with three takes that were not included in the film and LP issues of Goodyear Jazz Concert . They are Goodyear Theme (- 1 and – 2 ) and Good Years Of Jazz (-1). The latter  is based on Once More Once.

Then follows two tunes recorded in Cologne during Ellington’s 1970 European tour.

First comes two takes of Wild Bill Davis’ composition Alerado (-1 and -4) and after that one take of a new Ellington composition Afrique (-2), which has a long solo by Paul Gonsalves. Six months later, a version without Gonsalves’ solo was recorded for The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse.

The broadcast continues with three selections from another recording session during the 1970 European tour. This one was done in Milan on July 23 and among the five tunes recorded on that day were Maiera, Thanks For The Beautiful Land and Bourbon Street Jingling Jollies.

Maiera is a composition by the Canadian trumpeter Fred Stone, who joined the Ellington orchestra for the European tour. It was played at least four times during the tour and later issued on the MusicMasters  CD Ellington – Never Before Released Recording.

Thanks For The Beautiful Land and Bourbon Street Jingling Jollies are from New Orleans Suite and had already been recorded in several takes before the European tour. Both were frequently performed during this tour.

The program then turns to the Oct 5, 1972 stockpile session and the UWIS (University of Wisconsin) Suite. Busk gives his listeners three of takes of UWIS (-4 fs, -5 rehl, -6 fs) and one of each KLOP  -11 and Loco Mardi (-1)

Togo Brava Suite is next on Busks agenda and he provides two takes from the June 29, 1971 stockpile session – Too Kee (Amour Amour) -12  and BUSS (Right On Togo) -17. Both are issued on Storyville’s CD with the same name.

The program ends with My Mother, My Father from My People. It is sung by Jimmy McPhail and is recorded on Aug. 21, 1963. This take is not issued on LP or CD.

In a comment to the article, Brian Koller says “the singer is Jimmy Grissom” contrary to what is said by Bjarne Busk in the program. “It would make the New Desor wrong … but it sure sounds like Grissom, who was on hand for the prior day’s session (August 20, 1963)”.

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