The second program was broadcasted on 25 November, 1984 and it was presented by Bent Schjarff.

The eight selections in the program are from four different occasions ranging from February 1957 to June/ July 1964. A document with the discographical information for the program (and others in the series) are available in the Ellington Archive. Corrections are most welcome.

Most of the recordings played in the program are available on LPs or – in one case – on CD. However, there are two which has not been issued so far. It is the second take of Take The “A” Train from July 3, 1962 and the interview with Ellington in Tokyo sometimes in June-July 1964In his remarks in DEMS on the broadcast, Sjef Hoefsmit said he had compared the broadcast with the Fantasy LP and found that the 4th chorus of C Jam Blues on the LP was not in the broadcasts. Benny Aaslund replied and put forward the theory that the 4th chorus was from another take.

However, there was only one take of C Jam Blues on May 1, 1962 so possibly a tampered version of the tape was used in the broadcast. Mystery to solve!

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