As said in an earlier post (12 March 2016), the first two broadcasts by the Danish Radio of music from the Mercer Ellington donation are available to the members of DESS in the Members Lobby during the month of May

The first program was broadcasted on 25 November, 1984 and it was presented by Bjarne Busk. It is a little bit of an introduction to both the program series and the stockpile recordings. Quite a few of the songs in the program were to reappear in a wider context in later programs.

The 13 songs played in the program are from 8 different recording sessions ranging from 3 January 1956 to 25 August 1972. A document with the discographical information is available in the Ellington Archive. Corrections are most welcome.

Even if most of the recordings played in the program have been issued on CD (particularly in the Private Sessions series),  some have not been issued so far, like the first take of Feetbone from 17 March 1956, the Paris recording of the second movement of Night Creature from 31 January 1963,  a version of Race with Paul Gonsalves from 6 November 1968 and The Giggling Rapids from 10 March 1970.

And, of course, only the radio program is illuminated by the presentational comments of Bjarne Busk.

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