Malmö, Nov. 9, 1969

1st Concert

Malmö Stadsteater, the venue for this concert

Two concerts from Sweden in 1969 remains to be accounted for on the DESS web site, namely the 1st and 2nd concerts from Malmö on November 9 at Malmö Stadsteater. These recordings were made privately on a portable device and therefor the sound quality is not the best, but bearable, and for the benefit of those members who want to complete their Ellington collections we nevertheless want to publish them. In the Goodies Room you will now find the 1st one from Malmö.

Since the Stockholm concert a few days earlier, two changes in orchestra personnell had taken place, in that Rolf Ericson replaces Ambrose Jackson on trumpet and Åke Persson is added to the trombone section.

Jump For Joy

The complete program is as follows:

C-Jam Blues*Kinda Dukish & Rockin’ In Rhythm*4:30 Blues*Serenade To Sweden*Fife*Take The A Train*Up Jump*La Plus Belle Africaine*Come Off The Veldt (nc)*Medley*Take The A Train*Jump For Joy*Satin Doll*Black Butterfly*Things Ain’t What They Used To Be*Diminuendo In Blue & Wailing Interval*

Often during the 1969 tour, as here, Duke started the concerts with C-Jam Blues and this gives as a chance to listen to among others Åke Persson soloing. Åke can also be heard on Jump For Joy. Lawrence Brown can be heard on Serenade to Sweden, Johnny Hodges on Black Butterfly and Paul Gonsalves on Up Jump and Wailing Interval.

In a few days we will follow up with the the 2nd concert from Malmö.

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