Malmö Nov. 9, 1969

2nd concert

The Duke in 1969

The recorded material from the 2nd concert at this date is shorter, but sound-wise better compared with the 1st. Here, right from the start, Åke Persson assumes one of the main roles as soloist in the opening number, C-Jam Blues, where he seems to fit in well without any signs of being shy.

DIG Jazz

Åke “Kometen” Persson

The program is similar to that of the 1st concert:

*C-Jam Blues*Kinda Dukish & Rockin’ In Rhythm*4:30 Blues*Serenade To Sweden*Take The A Tarin*Mount Harissa*Up Jump*La Plus Belle Africaine*Come Off The Veldt*Medley*

with the Medley approx 30 minutes long.

After this concert, Duke and the orchestra leave Sweden for extensive concerts in Europe. They will return to Sweden to appear briefly at Liseberg in Gothenburg in 1970. The Liseberg  concerts have like-wise been recorded on a portable recorder and therefor of lesser sound quality. We had originally planned to publish them on these pages, but we could do with some feed-back on whether the DESS member would find them desirable to listen to, despite the inferior sound quality.

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