Stockholm 4 Nov. 1969, 2nd concert

Norris Turney soloing on flute in Fife

At the end of  1969, Norris Turney, was a recent addition to the Duke Ellington organization. Together with Harold Ashby he was obviously intended to fill the gap resulting from Jimmy Hamilton’s leaving the band in 1968. Turney got solo opportunities on alto sax , tenor sax, clarinet and flute, whereas Ashby who joined the band somewhat earlier in 1968,  got some solo space on clarinet, but mainly stuck to his tenor sax. With Turney, the jazz flute was introduced in the band, and Fife became his tour de force. Ashby is here featured in I Can’t Get Started where he shows what a fine ballad player he is. Both Turney and Ashby were later on later on to figure in In Triplicate (with Paul Gonsalves) and In Quadruplicate (with Gonsalves and Ben Webster).

The present concert, which was broadcast by SRT, also includes La Plus Belle Aricaine, which was a number that was played in nearly all concerts at that time. You will find the recording of the 2nd concert in the Goodies Room.The complete program is as follows:

*C-Jam Blues*Fife*I Can’t Get Started*B. P. Blues*Serenade To Sweden*Take The A Train*Up Jump*La Plus Belle Africaine*Come Off The Veldt*Black Butterfly*Things Ain’t What They Used To Be*El Gato*Don’t Get Around Much Anymore*Medley*Datn Doll*Kinda Dukish & Rockin’ In Rhythm*

The Medley consists of the following tunes: *Caravan*Mood Indigo*I’m Beginning To See The Light*It Don’t Mean A Thing*Be Cool And Groovy For Me*.

Tony Watkins sings on the three last numbers of the Medley and Lawrence Brown is accompanied by Ellington, Victor Gaskin and Rufus Jones on Serenade To Sweden.

The next concert in Sweden during this tour was the one from Gustav Vasakyrkan on November 6 (The 2nd Sacred Concert) which we have published as a video previously.



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