As announced by Andrew Homzy the night before, there was another concert on the second night of the conference.

The concert was called “Inspired Abandon” (as the Lawrence Brown 1965 LP with Johnny Hodges on Impulse).

Sjef Hoefsmit recorded the concert with his video camera but, unfortunately, time has affected the quality of the video so we have decided to publish only parts of the concert in video. Howeve, they come  together with two sound files so our readers will be able to enjoy the full concert anyhow.

For his part of the concert, Andrew Homzy had put together a program with songs (except two) from the early 1940’s Ellington repertoire. The orchestra starts with Never No Lament and Mainstem from this period before taking a small step back in time to demonstrate the full capability of the band with The Battle of Swing (1938).

Then Homzy calls the orchestra’s bass player Steve Holy to the front of the band to play Jack the Bear. The ghost of Jimmie Blanton was certainly in the room.

After this, it is time for a sort of “portrait of Harlem” composed of Harlem Speaks (1933), Harlem Airshaft and Take The “A” Train. Next the orchestra goes into A Mellow Tone before ending the first part of the evening’s concert with Cotton Tail in an arrangement bringing the band’s guitarist Bill Coon to the forefront.

Make sure to stay for the second part of the concert. You will not regret it!



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