Ella sings Satin Doll

Around a year ago we wrote, when presenting a copy of a telecast from Cirkus in Stockholm on Feb. 8, 1966: “The first set of the Cirkus concert was undoubtedly telecasted by Swedish Television (and was also rebroadcasted by the French TV-station M6 around 1990). However, it is more doubtful if the second set was ever broadcasted. The new DESOR lists it as ”Pre-rec for SR telecast” and so far a video copy of a telecast of the second set has not surfaced.” A copy of the second part has now been found to prove that it was in fact telecasted, although the date is not exactly known. The name of the TV programme was “Ella at Duke’s Place” and it is now presented to the DESS members in the Goodies Room. It is obviously the question of a very rare recording since we haven’t been able to enjoy it until now, despite efforts to locate a copy. Despite the somewhat low quality of the recording, we believe it should be of interest to our members because of its rarity. If someone has a better copy we would be interested to share it. As in the case of the first part of the concert, the performance is shared by Duke and his orchestra and Ella Fitzgerald and her trio, with roughly equal time to both. The concert starts with Take The Train and thereafter we hear in succession Black And Tan Fantasy, Soul Call, Wings And Things and Jam With Sam. Now Ella and the trio takes over, staring with Satin Doll, followed by Something To Live For, Let’s Do It, Lover Man and Mack The Knife. Ellington and the orchestra join in a long version of Cotton Tail to end the show. In most of the concerts on this January-February tour to Europe, Ellington and his Orchestra performed together with Ella Fitzgerald and her trio, and the concert patterns and repertoire were similar.

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