The 11th Ellington program broadcasted by the Danish Radio in the mid-1980s based on the Mercer Ellington donation is the second “Goodie” for the month of November.


As usual, it is available in the “Goodies of the Month” section of the DESS Lobby (DESS-rummet).

It was broadcasted on February 8, 1985 and this time the program presenter was Bent Schjarff.

With one exception, it covers two stockpile recording sessions – May 15, 1963 and May 18, 1965.

It starts with five selections from May 15, 1963. “Stoona” was recorded with Alice Babs two and a half month earlier in Paris. Here it is different version with Ray Nance and Johnny Hodges as soloists.

“Serenade To Sweden” was also part of the recording session with Babs. The version in the program has Shorty Baker and Ray Nance at the center.

Then comes “Bad Woman” (aka Walk Right In) and Schjarff let us follow the evolution of the song in the studio by offering  to two slightly different takes  – take 8 and take 10.

The May 15, 1963 section ends with “Harmony In Harlem” in a new arrangement with Johnny Hodges, Ray Nance, Jimmy Hamilton and Paul Gonsalves as soloists.

Then we can enjoy a further evolvement of the “Beige” (titled Beige No. 2) movement from “Black, Brown and Beige” recorded on May 18, 1965. “This portions from BB&B are almost as played at the original Carnegie Hall 1943 performance but without themes 12 and 15” (Benny Åslund DEMS Bulletin 1985:4).

After the “Introduction” part of the movement follows “Jazz Waltz” (aka “Cy Runs Rock Waltz”) with beautiful playing by Lawrence Brown, “Interlude” (aka “Beige”) with Cootie Williams and Paul Gonsalves at the forefront and finally “Sugar Hill Penthouse”.

The program ends with an incomplete version of “The Blues” from May 6, 1971 (also a stockpile recording).

Stoona, Serenade To Sweden, Bad Woman and Harmony In Harlem have been issued on LMR 83003 (except take 8 of Bad Woman) and Beige on Sanja 91234-2.

An updated discography of the DR Ellington programs offered by DESS website so far is available in the Ellington Archive in the section Music/ DR programs.

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