In September the website published an article by Jan Bruér on the rehearsal of Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald at Cirkus in Stockholm in February 8, 1966 for a telecast by Swedish Television. It was illustrated with some of the photos Jan took on this occasion.

He has now provided us with some more photos from the rehearsal.

He got a good shot of Ellington in the foreground and the sax section in the background in full swing. And the cameras seems to be running.


Jan also managed to catch of Ellington in his conducting style. The orchestra has been moved compared to the previous photo and possibly the photo is from the part of rehearsal with Ella.



At one point Jan saw two versions of Ella in front of him and clicked his camera to get them


More photos of Ella can be seen in a panorama in the Ellington Archive of the website and there is also a panorama of all the photos with Ellington from the Circus published on the website.




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