Something To Live For

The first set of Cirkus concert was undoubtedly telecasted by Swedish Television (and was also rebroadcasted by the French TV-station M6 around 1990). However, it is more doubtful if the second set was ever broadcasted. The new DESOR lists it as “Pre-rec for SR telecast” and so far a video copy of a telecast of the second set has not surfaced.  Fortunately, copies of the soundtrack of the second set exist and we are happy to give DESS’ members the opportunity to listen to  this. The origin is unknown and the audio material seems to come from two different sources, judging from the sound quality, which is somewhat different for the Ellington and Fitzgerald parts. Any additional information from the members about this would be appreciated.

The following  songs are played:

Take The A Train & intro*Black And Tan Fantasy#* Soul Call* Wings And Things* Jam With Sam are all played by Ellington and the orchestra

Satin Doll#*Something To Live For#*Let’s Do It#*Lover Man#* and Mack The Knife are performed by Ella Fitzgerald and her trio. The concluding part, Cottontail, is performed by Ella and the orchestra with Joe Comfort and Gus Johnson playing bass and drums respectively.

# These numbers have been issued on Pablo Live 2308-242 alongside Imagine My Frustration, Duke’s Place, Wifes And Lovers  and So Danco Samba from the first set.

Wings And Things was a new number for the 1966 season featuring Johnny Hodges on alto sax, now and then played as a sequel to Things Ain’t What They Used To Be.

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