Love You Madly

As previously mentioned (April 22), there are 8 different broadcasts surviving from Ellington’s stay at the Meadowbrook in 1951. We will make them all available  during the coming months in the “Månadsgodis” section of the Member’s Lounge where DESS-members can listen to and download them. This month we present the first  broadcast which is from June 5, 1951 together with a bonus – Caravan from an undated June broadcast from the Meadowbrook


The 1951 Ellington Band, was truly a great one, despite the loss earlier that year of some of its oldest and most wellknown members, Johnny Hodges, Lawrence Brown and Sonny Greer. In the first broadcast from this venue we hear Happy-Go-Lucky Local, Love You Madly, Mood Indigo, Ting-A-Ling,  Danny Boy and Rockin’ In Rhythm. In the first number we hear Jimmy Hamilton soloing and we notice that Cat Anderson is back again. Next Ellington announces his new girl singer, Norma Oldham  in Love You Madly, a nice tune, sung in a nice manner. In Mood Indigo, we hear a fine variation on Russell Procope’s customary clarinet solo and also Harold Baker, one of the sweetest voices in Ellington’s palette. Ting-A-Ling is a number written by Louie Bellson and he could really make the Ellington band swing! Paul Gonsalves is heard playing a nice solo as well. As this was Al Hibblers last stint with the Duke, his Danny Boy is worth listening to.

As a teaser to future uploads we include as the final number Caravan with Juan Tizol. This one is from an undated June broadcast from the Meadowbrook.

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