Steven Bowie’s Ellington Reflection is one of the top five Ellington sites on Ellington Galaxy. It is indispensable for anyone interested in Ellington with its portraits of Ellington musicians and its library of Ellington compositions and performances The 30 minutes format is very good format. It makes it easy to follow what Steven has to say and absorb the music.

The latest episode features Arthur Whetsel.

After his introduction, Steven plays eight recordings in which Whetsel is a soloist. They are  Black Beauty (1928) – Awful Sad (1928) – The Mooche (1928) – The Dicty Glide (1929) – Stevedore Stomp (1929) – Misty Mornin’ (1929) – Rocky Mountain Blues (1930) – Mood Indigo (1928).

In the blog, Steven has inserted a good copy of Ellington’s short movie Black and Tan. Go to Steven’s blog to watch it! It is also available on YouTube.

Author: Ulf Lundin




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