While browsing last week, I came by chance across an ad for Ellington’s appearance at Apollo Theatre in the week 27 February to 5 March, 1959.

The engagement and the ad  is of course familiar to true Ellington experts but I like the stimulation of travelling in time when one comes across things like this.

I also found a promotional article with more information.

The only review I have come across is from Variety. It is rather lukewarm but polite.

Apollo’s performed card for the first night says “business very poor” (source TDWAW)

The week before, Apollo had been very busy filled with recording sessions as it was. During the week, Ellington recorded the Jazz Party album, parts of the Queen’s Suite, the Back To Back LP with Johnny Hodges and parts of Side By Side.

Did Ellington agree to do The Apollo event to have a break before going on the road again? Who knows?

Author: Ulf Lundin





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