It became available today on social media (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Qobuz and Tidal).

Most are RCA-Vicor recordings available in the Duke Ellington Centennial Edition Box plus some Columbia, Brunswick and OKeh recordings. It also has the rather rare two recordings by Trombone Red and Blue Six from June 18, 1931. They were originally issued on a Columbia 78 (Col 14612-D)

A discography of the album is available on Ian Bradley’s Ellington Live (

In a post to Duke LYM, Remco Plas has commented on the new album. Here is what he says.

“This batch goes from RCA disc 4 track 10 to disc 6 track 5. Plus The Okeh Ellington CD 2 tracks 12-25.

Missing are alternate takes of ‘Sweet Mama’ and ‘Double Check Stomp’ from 12-6-1930. The Alternate of Double Check Stomp has never been reissued at all.

Ian omits the ‘Three little Words’ take with The Rhythm Boys from his listing but it is on Spotify.

Regarding Trombone Red and his Blue Six:

Rust gives:  Jabbo Smith t/Robert Freeman tb/Otto Hardwick as/Duke Ellington p/Fred Guy bj/Sonny Greer d. as feasable

Lord gives the same but adds Charlie Gaines as possible for tp. And adds unknown for vocal.

But Frog DGF38 “Go Harlem” New York Columbia Recordings – Volume 2 gives possibly Louis Metcalf tp/Robert Freeman tb/ possibly Otto Hardwick as/ unknown piano, banjo ,drums.

The booklet states that on the day of recording Jabbo Smith was in Milwaukee or Chicago and Ellington in Philadelphia (this is in Stratemann).

But the last word is to TDWAW: Duke was in Berwick, Penn. A 120 miles from New York. Nice as the record is no Duke.”

Author: Ulf Lundin

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