The 2023 Spring issue has reached the DESUK members. It is another issue with a lot of good reading put together by Gareth Evans.

The new issue has another long article in the Roger Boyes series on Ellington and the orchestra in the 1940’s. This time it deals with early 1945. Gareth Evans also continues his series In Duplicate: Duke and Dylan with part 2.

Another substantial article is about Duke Ellington’s Advertising Manuals 1931- 1966. It is written by Mark C. Samples from Central Washington University and expands what has been published on this topic before.

Two important concerts with Ellington music is also covered extensively in the new BL issue. One is the Harmony in Harlem in Harlem concert Diminuendo and Crescendo in Light Blue in Cambridge 25 March 2023 and the other Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra’s Ellington concert titled Internationally with music “inspired by Duke’s physical and imaginative voyages beyond America. I have only been able to listen to the JLCO concert. It is very interesting and enjoyable bit I am sure that the Harmony in Harlem one is as well.

The Fred Glueckstein contribution to Blue Light is this time about Duke Ellington’s and Frank Sinatra’s friendship – A Friendship Spanning Decades.

Finally, Brian Priestley and Roger Boyes pays tribute to the British multi-instrumentalist Tony Coe, who passed away in March.

Unfortunately, there is no report from the Ellington 2023 conference in the issue but members of DESUK, who are also members of DESS, can read it in the latest issue of the DESS Bulletin, which was published in mid-May. Blue Light will publish a report about the conference written by Ian Bradley in its next issue.

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