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In the beginning of December, I published an article about DR Ellington Broadcasts program 49.

The broadcast has 11 tracks, which have not been available before. I have put the discographical information for these track together with discographical information for what has been issued before of My People.(the LP issued on the Bod Thiele’s Contact label in 1964 and Storyville’s CD “The Complete Show” published in 2012 in the attached Excel sheet.

I appreciate very much the help of Bjarne Busk to put it together. The mistakes are completely mine. I am happy to get corrections.

My People – issued takes

Portraet Af En Hertug (The Potrait of A Duke)

In 1969, a Danish team put together a television program with this title. It was a co-production between Danish and Swedish TV and was broadcasted both in Denmark and Sweden. I have had a good quality video of the program for a couple of years but now it is also available at YouTube.

The film has interviews with Duke Ellington blended with film clips from Ellington films and recordings. There are also interviews with Mercer Ellington, and Willie the Lion Smith.


Ellington specialist and DESS member Brian Koller has taken the trouble to identify the clips in the film and and provide the NDESOR identification. Here is his list:

Portraet Af En Hertug Koller

Ellington at the Band Box in NYC 1953

This goodie was originally uploaded to the Goodies Room as a wav file on 20 December last year. A couple of days later, arranger, bandleader, DESS member and more

Hans Christian Doerrscheidt sent us a comment about pitch and glitches in the file and provided a corrected file in mp3 format. It has now replaced the original file. Thank you so much, Hans Christian.

Author: Ulf Lundin







2 thought on “Discographical and goodies notes 2023-1”
  1. Hello

    thank you for the precious list of issued takes of “My People”.

    I would suggest some corrections, that need validation from more authoritative Ellington scholars than me.

    1) The NDESOR # in the fourth line of the file

    630820 DE6362ac The Blues Ain’t 25 4

    should be DE6362v. DE6362ac belongs to the track 33, as correctly listed in the subsequent line.

    2) According to DEMS Bulletin DEMS 92/2, the take of After Bird Jungle in the DR Ellington broadcast 49 is track 3 , different from track 4 included in the Storyville CD. (and take 4 is in the DR broadcast 25).
    If it is the case, the file should be split like this:

    630821 DE6363c After Bird Jungle 3 3 – – –
    630821 DE6363d After Bird Jungle 4 – – – 7

    3) The “Contact CM-1 Play order” of
    630821 DE6363n What Color is Virtue 18
    should be 14, not 15.

    4) The NDESOR # is missing in the last line of page 1:

    630821 Heritage (My Mother, My Father and Love) 8

    it should be DE6363h.
    Thank you for your attention,

  2. Thank you, Ezio. I gave it a try as I often do with the Danish Radio broadcasts but I am not a a discographical expert. However, I will check and get back to you. It was quite complicated to get the list together and I really appreciate your help. Fleming Jensen is the source of some of the problem since it is not so easy to link what he says with what is on the issued CDs and LPs.

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