Malmö, Nov 10, 1971

Exploring Malmö

Malmö Stadsteater, where the concert took place in the evening of Nov 10, 1971

At this point in time, we are close to the end of our stock of Duke Ellington concerts in Sweden.The day before Duke and the band had played two concerts in Uppsala, and the 2nd of these had only ended in the small hours of  the 10th of November, which was the date set for the Malmö concert. These two cities are not exactly neighbors. The night-morning trip to Malmö must have covered some 600 km or so.

The exciting thing about this concert is that we get a glimpse of a Swedish female singer, Lena Junoff, in a rare rendition of I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart in which also Ben Webster plays a short solo.

Lena sings the text in both English and Swedish

Lena Junoff, sångerska, utsatt för äggattacker: "Det är bedrövligt"

The only issued recording of Lena Junoff singing with Duke Ellington is from the Conny Plank session in 1970, where she performs wordless singing in Afrique.

As can be heard from music example above, the sound quality is not the best, since it obviously comes from a private recording. The performance in Malmö is partly similar to that of the Uppsala concert, mixed with a few additions. The complete program is as follows:*C-Jam Blues*Kinda Dukish & Rockin’ In Rhythm*I Can’t Get Started*Blues No 22*Soul Flute*How High The Moon*Happy Reunion*Perdido*ILet A Song Go Out Of My Heart* HARLEM* Medley* Goof*Addi*Satin Doll*Things Ain’t What They Used To Be*Take The A Train*In Triplicate (In Quadruplicate)*

Ben Webster, who at this time was living in Copenhagen, participates together with Åke Persson and Rolf Ericson as guests. We hope that you will enjoy this concert despite the somewhat erratic sound. You will find the complete concert in the Goodies section.


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