Ellington’s SESAC engagement in conjunction with the annual meeting of National Association of Broadcasters in 1964 continued on April 7.

The trio was the same as in the first set the night before – Ellington at the piano, Major Holley at bass and Sam Woodyard at the drums but Cootie Williams, Jimmy Hamilton, Paul Gonsalves and Harry Carney replaced Johnny Hodges and Lawrence Brown.

Only the second set seems to have been preserved.

It starts with the trio playing Take The A Train, Single Petal Of A Rose and Satin Doll (as it does in the second set on April 6).

Then Duke invites Harry Carney to join and he plays Sophicasted Lady and I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart.

Next, Jimmy Hamilton replaces Carney and his assigment is Tenderly and Honeysuckle Rose.

For the next tunes, Cootie Williams, Paul Gonsalves and Harry Carney are added and together with the trio the four let the audience hear Mood Indigo/Solitude, Fat Mouth, Caravan and Tootie For Cootie.

After this, Paul Gonsalves has a solospot and he plays Body and Soul leading into the Wailing Interval.

The set ends with Ellington playing and fingersnapping Dancers In Love and the full septet swinging in Jones.

The two SECAM nights might not provide new and original music but give a glimpse into the everyday life of Ellington and his orchestra.

Later in the week, the full band played concerts at Grandinetti’s Supper Club in Gulfport, Illnois and Civic Opera House in Chicago.

Ellington ended the week with an afternoon solo concerts in Milton Junction in Wisconsin on April 11 and attending a concert with New York Youth Symphony at Carnegie Hall the day after (source: TDWAW – tdwaw.ca) .

Quite a schedule but not unusual!

The April 7, 1964 SECAM appearance is the third goodie for February and DESS-members can listen to it and download it in the ”Goodies” section

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