Malmö, 25 October 1973

2nd Concert, part 2

Nils Lindberg and Rolf Ericson accompany Alice Babs in There’s Something About Me

We can now present the concluding part of the 2nd concert in Malmö.

The program continues as follows: *In Duplicate*Satin Doll*Serenade To Sweden*Checkered Hat*Spacemen*Jeep’s Blues*There’s Something About Me*Somebody Cares into I’m Beginning To See The Light*Take The A Train*One More Time*St Louis Blues*Mack The Knife*Hello Dolly*Tiger Rag*. Titles in bold have not been commercially issued.

After the opening number, where we can hear Harold Minerve and Åke Persson soloing, Alice Babs plays a key role on most of the following numbers. The band plays Satin Doll as a background to Duke’s introduction of her, leading  into a wordless vocal in Serenade To Sweden. The next number, Checkered Hat, was written by Norris Turney as a homage to Johnny Hodges and arranged by Nils Lindberg. In Spacemen, Babs is improvising together with trumpet players, Rolf Ericson, Johnny Coles and Barry Lee Hall. In Jeep’s Blues we agin can hear Babs’ wordless singing and assuming Johnny Hodges’ old role, before announcing a surprise in the program, a new tune, never before performed in  public, before the concert in Malmö, There’s Something About Me. Somebody Cares, was likewise a new number, with Babs, and the band’s regular vocalists Anita Moore and Tony Watkins participating. There is a transition into I‘m Beginning To See The Light, which is used as a background to the introduction of George Wein  -of Newport Jazz Festival fame – , who together with Nils Lindberg participates on piano in Take The A Train. Next comes One More Time, with the three vocalists and St Louis Blues with just Ellington, Art Baron and Åke Person playing. The concert ends with two numbers sung by Money Johnson, Mack The Knife and Hello Dolly, and Tiger Rag with Rolf Ericson and Åke Persson joining Money Johnson as soloists.

You will find all this in the Goodies Room

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