Stockholm 24 January 1967, 2nd concert

Rufus Speedy Jones - DRUMMERWORLD

Rufus Jones, Duke’s new drummer in 1967

The details of the 2nd concert in Stockholm on Jan. 24, 1967, did not come to the attention of the Italian New DESOR discographers until 2002. When we recieved a CD-copy of the concert from Sjef Hoefsmit he commented it as follows (quoted in full):

“There has been some discussion about the concerts on this date in Stockholm. There were on a certain moment three candidates, three different recorded broadcasts, all with the claim to be from Stockholm, 24Jan67. The discussion was published in DEMS Bulletin 02/2-8 and continues in Bulletin 02/3-10-1&2. The conclusion was that there were only two concerts in Stockholm, and that one recorded concert was not from Stockholm but from Manchester, 10Feb67.

Jan Bruér, who attended both concerts in Stockholmon 24Jan67, was clever enough to make notes of the titles (what Hoefsmit also should have done in Amsterdam 0n 2Nov58). He gave us these titles in DEMS Bulletin 02/2-8. Some of the titles from the second concert were “fresh” fur us and not mentioned in New DESOR’s correction sheet 1044.

Jan Bruér was so kind to send us a copy of this concert in a remarkable high quality. A copy has been sent to Giovanni Volonté and Luciano Massagli, to include the titles and the description in the New DESOR.

DEMS, October 2007″

Drag, a new number in the book in 1967

DESS members will find the complete Ellington part of the 2nd concert, with two numbers by Ella Fitzgerald and her trio added, in the Goodies Room. This was a joint concert by Duke Ellington and his Orchestra and Ella Fitzgerald and her Trio. The program was similar to that of the 1st concert, but due to less strict time regulation, longer.

The program is as follows:

*Stompy Jones*Swamp Goo*Up Jump*The Shepherd*Kinda Dukish & Rockin’ In Rhythm*A Chromatic Love Affair*Take The A Trai*Rue Blue*Wild Onions*Mara Gold*Sentimental Lady*The Jeep Is Jumpin’*Drag*Things Ain’t….*Don’t Be That Way*Mack The Knife*Cotton Tail*

The 2nd and 3rd numbers from the end are by Ella Fitzgerald and her Trio.

The comments on individual numbers from the 1st concert are applicable also here. Drag is obviously a new composition for 1967, where Duke and Johnny Hodges are heard soloing.


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