Concerts in Stockholm 1966 (2)

DUKE & ELLA at Cirkus, Stockholm, Feb 8, 1966 | DUKE ELLINGTON ...

Action att Cirkus in Stockholm 1966

Ella sings Duke’s “favorite” tune

In contrast to the first concert from Stockholm’s Concert Hall on February 7, 1966, the second concert was broadcast by Swedish Radio. There was one broadcast on February 21 and one on March 11. Ella Fitzgerald and her trio were also part of this concert, but we strictly follow the New Desor on in our programming, meaning that Ella Fitzgerald is omitted, except for the two tunes att the end of the concert. The two concerts are not identical in contents, but differences are slight.The program is as follows:

*Introduction by Norman Granz*Take The A Train & intro*Medley: Black And Tan Fantasy/Creole Love Call/ The Mooche*Soul Call*West Indian Pancake*El Viti*The Opener*La Plus >Belle Africaine*Veldt Amor*Magenta Haze’Things Ain’t What They Used To Be*Cottontail*Imagine My Frustration*

The 21 Feb. broadcast included the first five numbers (up to El Viti) plus some Ella Fitzgerald material, and the 11 March broadcast included the rest.

Nothing of this material has been issued on record, although there is an Azure cassette, CA-8, which includes Veldt Amor and Cottontail.

We hope you will enjoy listening to this concert, you’ll find it in the Goodies Room.




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  1. Hi Ulf
    I think you have based your comment on Desor, but the music isn’t as stated.
    There;s no Black and Tan etc
    Ella sings Day Dream before Magenta Haze
    Hodges plays Wings and things after Things ain’t
    And Ella also sings Duke’s place vEF and Azure vEF after imagine

    Maybe somebody can disclose the source of those additional numbers

    With swinging greetings,

  2. Dear Ronald, thank you for drawing this to my attention. I made a cut & paste mistake and inserted the first concert again in the link when it should have been the second concert. I have corrected the mistake!

    Best regards


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