Gothenburg March 11, 1964


Konserthuset in Gothenburg

Harry Carney in Agra

On the above date, there were two concerts at Konserthuset in Gothenburg. In our previous comments on the concerts in Stockholm, which took place two days earlier, we gave part of the story associated with these concerts. A more detailed account of this may be found in DEMS 12/1-6 which can be found in the DESS archive section. There is no to us available recording of the complete concert, but we have recordings from the 2nd concert from two main sources:

1. SR broadcast of edited parts of the concert  ( in bold below)

2. Pablo CD 2308-245 “HARLEM”

The complete concert contents were suggested by Sjef Hoefsmit to be as follows:

*Take The A Train*Black And Tan Fantasy/Creole Love Call/The Mooche*Perdido*Amad*Agra*Blue Bird Of Delhi*Depk*The Opener*Happy Reunion*Wailing Interval (AKA Blow By Blow)*HARLEM*Caravan*Tootie For Cootie*Isfahan*Things Ain’t What They Used To Be*All Of Me*The Prowling Cat*Kinda Dukish & Rockin’ In Rhythm*Satin Doll*Jones & bc close*

We offer our members the opportunity to listen to the SR broadcast, with Olle Helander, well known Swedish jazz journalist, as MC. This time the sound is better (compared to the Stockholm concert), as you can hear from the sample above.

In Olle Helander’s introduction of the concert, Sjef Hoefsmit got his final clues as to the date and location for this concert. Helander characterizes this vintage of the Ellington’s band as one of the best ever and he thoroughly comments on the “Impressions From The Far East Suite”, which is the foundation for this broadcast. Needless to say, Ellington, as always, does a god job in presenting the musicians and the numbers played. All but one of the numbers that are part of our broadcast have been issued on Pablo. The exception is Kinda Dukish & Rockin’ In Rhythm which we haven’t been able to locate

We hope you enjoy the performance!

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