Stockholm, February 6, 1963, 2nd concert, part 1

Bildresultat för duke ellington in 1963

Duke Ellington in February 1963

If the previously published concert from Stockholm on the above date (the 1st concert) had remained undiscovered until 2012, a few numbers from  the second concert had been issued before, but the complete concert is presented here for the first time. Due to the length of this recording we present it in two parts, each of them c:a 1 hour. Simon Brehm, MC, in his introduction tells us in Swedish that due to the fact that the first concert lasted longer than planned, the second concert started quite late.

Cat Anderson in Eighth Veil

As could be expected the program was more or less the same as that of the first concert, and thus the first part consists of the following numbers:

*Take The A Train & intro *Afro-Bossa (Boola)*Kinda Dukish & Rockin’ In Rhythm*Silk Lace (Caliné)*Eighth Veil*Asphalt Jungle Theme*Guitar Amour*Cop-Out & Cop-Out Extension*Jam With Sam*

Of  these, Silk Lace, Eighth Veil, Cop-Out & Cop-Out Extension and Jam With Sam were new discoveries which were added to NDESOR in 2012.

You will find the music from this fine concert in the Goodies Room. Hope you will enjoy it! It should be of particular interest to the completists. We’ll be back with the last part of the concert in a few day’s time.



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