The new issue of the Bulletin was sent to the DESS members a couple of days ago.

The cover story is about Britt Woodman.

In a two-page article, Thomas Harne gives us the life and career of this “master of balance and team player” as Harne calls him.

His article is accompanied by an interview of Woodman by Göran Wallén, a discography of recordings with Woodman as a soloist outside the Ellington orchestra and an excerpt about Woodman from Kurt Dietrich’s book “Duke’s Bones – Ellington’s Great Trombonists”.

Another main feature in the new Bulletin is Bo Haufman’s five-page article about trumpeters, who played with Ellington during shorter periods like Jabbo Smith, Louis Metcalf, Shorty Baker, Al Killian, Rolf Ericson, Herbie Jones, Jimmy Coles and a hand-full of others.

There is also an interesting article by the late comic book writer and music critic Harvey Pekar about Ellington’s bassists. It is a reprint from the “Bass Player” magazine from 2000.

Besides these three articles, there is, of course, a lot of other good reading in the new Bulletin.

Particularly, the Swedish readers shouldn’t miss Thomas Harne’s report from the December meeting of DESS. It tells in an elegant way what all DESS members, who did not show up for the meeting, missed.


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