The second ”goodie” for December is program 20 in the Duke Ellington series broadcasted by the Danish Radio in the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s. The broadcast is available in the “Goodies” section of the website.

The program was broadcasted on June 7, 1985.

The program starts with music recorded for the English theatre play “The Jay Walker”. After a short excerpt of “The Queen” and a part of a CBC interview from 1967 in which Ellington tells how he came to write the music for the play, we hear “Mac” which is the musical charactarization of the main character in the play also called Mac. Ellington later reused this piece in his Second Sacred Concert as “TGTT”.

The “The Jay Walker” part of the broadcast ends with “Policia” (take 1) and an untitled blues which was never used in the play. In the Ellington discographies it appears as Blues no. 16

Next in the program comes stockpile music recorded on the same date (April 14, 1965) as some of the songs for the “Concert in Virgin Island” album. We hear “Rod la Roque” (take 4), “Love Scene” (take 2) and Rhythm Section Blues (aka “Big Fat Alice’s Blues) (take 1). All three have been issued in the Private Collection series (vol. 8).

The broadcast ends with three selections from the June 15, 1970 stockpile session – “Hard” (aka “Mendoza”) (take , “Ballad” (aka “Mixt”) (take 24) and “Just A-Settin’ And A-Rockin'” (take 42). This session also produced some of the movements for “The River”.





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