The new issue of the Bulletin has been published and is on its way to DESS members. As usual, a lot of good and interesting reading.

The feature articles this time is about Louie Bellson. Over four pages, Bo Haufman, who had met Bellson personally, paints a portrait of him. He gives us Bellson’s career and his time(s) with Ellington but also Bellson -the drummer and Bellson – the composer. A separate article descibes Bellson’s drumkit as it was circa 1952.

The new issue also has another article by Fred Glueckstein related to early Ellington films. This times it deals with Fredi Washington – the co-star in the film-short “Black and Tan”.

These are the articles in English this time but for those, who able to read Swedish, there are another four to enjoy. One gives snapshots of what the local press wrote about Ellington’s 1963 tour and another is a reprint from the Swedish jazz magazine “Estrad” from April 1947, in which Nils Färnström tells about his visit to Harlem and particularly to Apollo Theatre.

The other two articles in Swedish come from the hand of Bo Haufman. One is about Bojangles and the other a review of a concert by Stockholm Swing Stars “In the Spirit of Duke Ellington” in September 2017.

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  1. Hello, Is there a way to obtain a copy of DESS Bulletin 2017-4 if one is not a DESS member? Thank you in advance.

  2. You can find it at this link. It is free.

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