Hotel Sherman CD

The Ellington specialist and discographer Brian Koller reports that the correct discographical information for track 23 and 24 of the CD is:

Track 23, Maybe, is DE4028xa instead of DE4024b
Track 24, Harlem Air Shaft, is DE4028f instead of DE4024f

He refers to the NDESOR correction sheet 1080 available at The sheet is also available in the website’s Ellington Archive.

New CD from Maison du Duke

Maison du Duke has issued a new Ellington CD – “The Great 1963 Paris Concert – Unissued Material”. However, it is only available to members of MdD.


Chocolate Kiddies and Jig Walk

The Swedish discographer Björn Englund published an article on Chocolate Kiddies in Storyville issue 62 with information on all the recordings of Jig Walk. With his permission, the article is available in the Ellington Archive/Artiklar/Jig Walk

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