The 7th Ellington program broadcasted by the Danish Radio in the mid 1980s is the third “Goodie” for  the month of September. As the others, it is available in the “Goodies of the Month” section of the DESS Lobby (DESS-rummet).


It was broadcasted on January 11, 1985.

The program starts with a Billy Strayhorn segment. Ellington talks briefly about Strayhorn (from the documentary “On The Road With Duke Ellington). Then there is a RCA recording from August 30, 1967 of Midriff and the small group recording of Passion Flower from June 30, 1965 with Strayhorn at the piano. The segment ends with Take The A Train from a December 5, 1967 broadcast.

Next comes two selections from the Pentape session from March 19, 1956 and a Thelonius Monk segment. It contrasts Monk’s trio recording of Blue Monk from October 15, 1952 with Ellington solo recording of this piece ten years later (September 13, 1962)  together with Frere Monk. But then it is called Monk’s Dream.

The broadcast rounds off with The Piano Player from the stockpile recording session of August 2, 1972 and Action In Alexandria (aka “Cle + Al”) from July 18, 1963  – another stockpile session.

It seems that all the songs played in the program except one are available on LP or CD. The exception is “Take The ‘A’ from the December 5, 1967 broadcast.

In the Ellington Archive, there are a couple of documents with more information on the Danish Radio Ellington broadcasts, including a discography of the Danish Radio Ellington programs, which so far have been made available to DESS members on the website.

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