In its last issue of 1998 (1998:4), the DESS Bulletin published a detailed discography/audiography of the three concerts (including rehearsals) by Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald in Stockholm on February 7 and February 8, 1966. It was put together by the Ellington specialists and discographers Bo Scherman and Göran Wallén and is available here stockholm-1966-discography.

The article triggered some comments of the Ellington scholar (and later editor of the DEMS Bulletin) Sjef Hoefsmit particularly regarding the rehearsals on February 8. They were published in the Bulletin 1999:1 but are included also in the document above.

An unresolved issue to this very day is is whether also the second part of the concert on February 8 was broadcasted by Swedish television at one point or the other or not. There are different views on this. Of course not a major issue but it is always nice to know the full story 🙂

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