On 23 April, 2016, Bill Saxonis – the long-term member of The Duke Ellington Society, New York and an eminent Ellington scholar – gave us his annual four hour radio program on Ellington on station WCDB (90.9-FM), Albany, New York.

For his 16th program Bill Saxonis had chosen the legacy of Duke Ellington as his theme and he and the program host Bill McCann approach it with bold brush strokes and numerous illustrative examples. It was program both newcomers to Ellington and veteran fans should enjoy and learn from.

Bill Saxonis will present the theme also to the 24th Duke Ellington Study Group Conference under the title “Duke’s Legacy – The Ellington Continium”.DESS is very happy that Bill Saxonis has agreed that the Society can make a recording of the program from the Internet available to its members and visitors to the website.

The first part of the program is available HERE. The other parts will be uploaded to the Ellington Archive.



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