The spring issue of DESUK’s Blue Light is now available and has been sent to Its subscribers. As usual it is an issue with a lot of good and interesting reading.

One of the focuses this time is the Second Sacred Concert in Coventry in 1966 and the event is brought back in a couple of articles written at the time when it took place. The journal also has an extensive article on the of Harold Ashby as a leader 1978-2003 with detailed information on the records issued.

Furthermore, there is a detailed and very valuable review (by Roger Boyes) of the most recent issue (volume 20) of Storyville’s Treasury Shows series together with a review of the French “Elvin chez Duke” CD. In addition, Boyes recalls in a separate article the 1999 discussion on the “Unknown Sessions” recordings and whether Paul Gonsalves was part of them or not.

Blue Light also reports on a new French documentary called “Une poule sur un piano” on the restoration of the Chateau de Goutelas including Ellington’s famous piano performance there in February 1996. An advance screening of the film took place at the castle on 26 February this year as part of an event called “Duke à Goutelas 1966-2016”. PÅ SVENSKA



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