Ellington Conferences

In this section of the Ellington Archive will be published material emanating from or illustrating the two Study Group meetings, which took place in 1981 and the 24 Ellington Study Group Conferences, which followed. It is divided into subsections for each meeting and conference. There were also other kind of Ellington expert meetings in the 1980 but they will not be listed until later.

The subsections, which still have to be filled with material are:

Chicago (USA) 1981

New York (USA) 1981

Washington D.C. (USA) 1982-1st

Chicago (USA) 1984-2nd

Oldham (England) 1985-3rd

Newark (USA) 1986-4th

Toronto (Canada) 1987-5th

Oldham (England) 1988-6th

Washington D.C. (USA) 1989-7th

Ottawa (Canada) 1990-8th

Los Angeles (USA) 1991-9th

Copenhagen (Denmark) 1992-10th

New York City (USA) 1993-11th

Stockholm (Sweden) 1994-12th

Pittsburg (USA) 1995-13th

Toronto (Canada) 1996-14th

Leeds (England) 1997-15th

Oldham (England) 1998-16th

Washington D.C. (USA) 1999-17th

Los Angeles (USA) 2000-18th

Stockholm (Sweden) 2004-19th

London (England) 2008-20th

Woking (England) 2012-21st

Amsterdam (Netherlands) 2014-22nd

Portland (USA) 2015-23rd

New York City (USA) 2016-24th

Washington D.C. 2020 – 25th (interrupted)

DESS Ellington Meeting 2021 (Zoom)

DESS Ellington Meeting 2022 (Zoom)

Ellington Meeting Paris 2023 – 26th